I love you beyond infinity, Aak



There is a sister I love the most in the whole world. I call her aak, because when I was kid I can’t say “kakak” correctly.  She promised to buy me 2 million rupiahs house when she was in elementary school (but now I still wish for it to be true, lol). She is more beautiful than me (which when I was kid I never want to admit it and would be mad of it), and she always will. She is the bravest sister I know. She put her finger on a witch who hit me when I was in junior high school. She was mad to a guy who did wrong to me and my family. She is the strongest sister I know, she lose valuable things in her life, but she can move on with her life. She through bad things in her life, but still give me her best smile. I did her wrong not only once, but over and over until she worried about my self, but she still always worry about me. I take her for granted, but she still help me over and over.


There are times like this, time when I plan to lose it all, to give it up, to not continue about anything, I want her to know that I love her, I thank God for her, I pray for her, and I will always be your silliest, absurd, and ridiculous younger sister.

Till we meet again, my lovely sister.



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