Public Speaking Competition



ALAY is defined as the exaggeration of something simple and usual become unusual and astonishing yet countrified. It refers to some labile people who consider tHi5 k!nD 0f tHiiin9 is cute, whereas it’s not at all.

I took small survey via Facebook with about 20 people, that most of them are annoyed by people which write their words in alay. Alay is deviation way of using universal words given to us easier to be understood to a strange way that they think will make them look cool instead of annoyed their self and others.

Why are they became alay? Alay is pricking because many people want to seek attention from others. The point is they want to be cool. Seems that alay is hyper expression which some consider it as important, and some think it’s impact of less things to do. Not all alay people are naturally alay, they just follow another alay person as their friends. So, it’s environmental factor.

Beside the bad things about alay, we should appreciate alay person. Because they are not only be creative, but also smart to understand the puzzled words they made. One thing, they are also good in play their fingers on keypad cellphone or keyboard, we all know it need more effort and time.

This is the article sourced from :, Jakarta: The existence of language Alay considered youth as a means of communication in daily life. Both oral and written, this language is considered as a medium of expression. Yet, unwittingly, over time could threaten the existence of language Alay Indonesian as a language of unity as more and much different from the rules of language of good and true.

“The youth should be able to place themselves and follow the rules of the Indonesian language. Because language is not showing one’s self,” says Lakshmi, a professor of Indonesian, Bogor Agricultural University to the team of Coverage 6 SCTV, Saturday (9 / 10). (MRQ / ADO )

As young generations which have intelligence, it will be very much better if we use our Indonesian enhanced spelling.

But there’s no rule or law about alay, so as Indonesia is a country based on a law, we have to respect their right to be alay. Alay is able to bring both sides to war or peace. Depends on where do you stand and what perspective do you use. Scrutinizing one matter of alay could make you worse in physic and mind. You don’t believe it? Try it then.


thanks to : Brian Nova Prathama, Wiraina Azalia Rahmawulan, Elan Qitsthi Aji Wahyudi, Gita Hermanda, Yolanda Surya Wijaya, Adi Budi Wiranata, Yulia Andriani Rosdiana, Yoalina Septriani, Ayhi Hapsari, dan teman teman yang lain belum disebut jangan marah yaaa ..



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